The power of diversity

We know that on this path to a diverse and inclusive environment, there is much to follow, but we have a strong commitment to daily evolution with over 20,000 associated people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, experiences and differences that keep us even more inventive, innovative and plural Group.

We are motivated to respect, to host and include people, strengthen the culture of equity and promote initiatives that make our people feel that everyone has equal opportunities to build a career.


Diversity Playbook "Algar without Barriers"

Our people are the link that connects us with the purpose of being People serving People and here, prejudice and discrimination have no voice. We want to live the power of diversity every day, so we invest in initiatives that strengthen our way of acting and inspire respect for diversity. We created the Algar without Barriers Diversity Playbook, in which we explain point by point how we respect people in an integral way.

We lead to grow together

Our greatest differential is our People! Each associated person is part of this change and enables us to grow together, impacting and transforming the world we live in. We serve, support, and develop our talents with the certainty that we have things to learn and teach. Be part of the change, we want you following us!

We believe that good content is inspiring.


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